Spark Stone is a vertically integrated natural stone company operating quarries and manufacturing facilites... selling its' products to a worldwide distribution network made up of independently owned companies, Its' main focus is natural cleft slate, quartzite tiles, wall cladding, roofing, landscaping stone products Spark Stone is constantly seeking viable new quarry deposits to develop innovative products to maximize the success of the company and its' customers. If you succeed we succeed! Image of Spark Stone's warehouse.
  • Indian Ink™ - gauged 12x12 tile image.
  • Victor™ - travertine border (Classic Light, Noche, Scabos).
  • Victor™ - travertine border (Classic Light, Noche).
  • Victor™ - travertine border (Noche, Classic Light).
  • Victoria™ - travertine border (Classic Light, Noche).
  • Scabos™ - tile honed filled image.

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